50th Anniversary

For the last 2 ½ months DOP has been in production on a three part documentary series about the history and Golden Anniversary of The Lincoln Club of Orange County.  This 30 minute film begins with the back-story of the great business men that launched and shaped the history of politics in Orange County and the State of California beginning in the early 1960’s.   Great titans of business like Dr. Arnold Beckman, Walter Knott, Si Flour, Bob Beaver and Coalson Morris  created the Lincoln Club of Orange County. President Richard Nixon, President  Ronald Reagan, Governor Pete Wilson, Governor Arnold  Schwarzenegger and many State and local elected officials were supported by The Lincoln Club of Orange County.

This HD video will be presented at the 50th Anniversary on April 14th at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach.  This film has many business and congressional leaders of today speaking about how the Club has continued to shape the future of important candidates and issues in the State of California.  Rep.Darrel l Issa, Rep. Ed Royce, Rep John Campbell, community leaders, Ambassador George Argyros, The Knott Family, Michael Capaldi, Jim Doti, Doy Henley, Buck Johns, Tracy Price, Richard Wagner, Dale Dykema, Bob Loewen and chief speech writer for President Ronald Reagan, Ken Khachigian. 

The Lincoln club is making a concerted effort to achieve passage of the “Stop Special Interest” initiative on the State ballot this November. This initiative will stop the automatic flow of funds from employee paychecks to political coffers. This video will take the club from its inception to the present day and show how it continues to be a major force in National, State and local politics today and for years to come.