David Otta Productions is a multimedia production house located on the west coast, creating all aspects of digital marketing. Founded in 1987, DOP produces all forms of dynamic visual communications including video production, live web & television broadcasts, long and short-form commercials, website design, print-advertising media and custom branding.

The diverse talents of the DOP’s team of producers, writers, camera operators, editors and designers bring expertise and precision to the execution of projects, as well as a creative and collaborative environment to create marketing strategies that yield results. As a media & marketing power-house, DOP has a solution for every project, no matter the challenges. As technology evolves at an exponential rate, DOP continuously utilizes top of the line equipment.

Some of our technical capabilities include: broadcast cameras, DSLR cameras, video drones, sliders and jib arms for crane shots, Steadicam, tungsten lighting cans and LED light panels, green screen chroma-keying, teleprompting systems, Mac and PC editing platforms, still photography, animation, voice-over recording booth and much more.

Our multi-cam 1080p broadcasting van ready for sports coverage is equipped with instant replay, 4 camera Tri-Caster, LiveText graphics station and is ready for web streaming via YouTube, Livestream, Ustream or any other platform via ethernet or wireless connection. It is also prepared for television broadcasting with the addition of a satellite.