Meet David Otta

David OttaDavid Otta, CEO and President of DOP founded David Otta Productions, LLC over 25 years ago in 1987. His highly specialized experience in creative digital filmmaking has firmly established his presence in the production world of Southern California. Since the origins of DOP, Mr. Otta has been one of the predominant producers and directors of historical documentaries in Orange County, in addition to the surrounding areas.

The success of DOP and David Otta is tightly linked with his highly skilled staff and commitment to offering the most creative and polished of products. As a team, they have created thousands of television commercials, videos, films, and recently, live sports webcasts. Mr. Otta continues to evolve and challenge himself for the best production quality by blending state of the art technology with unique artistic vision.

Currently, Mr. Otta partners with two other Southern California companies; He is a Producer for the Within TV, whose primary focus is creating the TV show Within, geared for the high-end luxury hotel markets. He also oversees the Orange County markets for world wide webcasts for Fox Sports West  Prep Zone. In addition, Mr. Otta produces college basketball, volleyball and soccer for The West Coast Conference.

Mr. Otta continues to pride himself on completing a project to the client’s complete satisfaction; DOP’s commitment to the customer is exemplified by his specific focus on financing, budgeting, accounting and distribution.