Voit Real Estate Services

DOP was retained by Voit Real Estate Services to produce a 15 minute HD marketing video on one of their premiere properties in Irvine.  DOP executed the project on time and on budget.  Kevin Turner, Senior VP at Voit was ecstatic about the finished piece.  This will be the hallmark of future presentations for the Voit Global team.

Strategies for Success in Any Market

The reason for my success is my commitment to serving the client first and foremost. I’ve built my practice on team work, creativity, innovation and risk management programs. Part of my teams’ success, on the listing side of business, is understanding that 80 percent of our deals involve other brokers; we view them as our customers rather than our competitors. Treating our competitors as customers has paid off.

Whether I am on the tenant side or the landlord side, executing fundamentals has always been the hallmark for my success. It’s critical to establish clearly stated objectives with a specific timeline for each project. Once the plan is produced, the rest is about focus and execution. We really enjoy the process and never get too concerned about the end result because if you focus on the fundamentals, the end result will take care of itself.